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Rejuvenation Medical is a return to the values of medicine in the past: ONE primary physician for you that knows you personally and cares for your health above billing.

We do not have a complex insurance-driven medical practice, with “back office billers” and other non-clinical staff raising the cost of treatments. Everyone you meet at Rejuv is there to treat you. We have transparent cash pricing for all medical services. We can make secondary insurance claims under some circumstances but focus on the patient, not the insurance industry.

Meet our team

Joshua B. Kretchmar

Dr. Kretchmar’s interest and belief in the whole patient extends beyond the boundaries of Rejuvenation Medical. He keeps active and trained in both Family and Emergency medicine and volunteers in underserved/rural areas and disasters worldwide. He believes all people, everywhere, have a right to medical care. Significant amounts of the proceeds from Rejuvenation will be set aside every year for medical mission trips to disaster zones.

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    Dr. Kretchmar is great! He takes the time to listen and thoroughly understand your situation. He also does a great job of helping you understand all of the options available to you (from traditional medicinal options to alternative healing methods). I recommend him any time!

    Carl M. / Testimonial from

    I have seen a lot of doctors over the years and Dr. Kretchmar is by far my favorite!! He cuts the crap and tells you like it is. He is so friendly and truly cares about your wellbeing. He isn’t afraid to ask the side effects questions which makes me feel less uncomfortable about them.

    I also appreciate that he doesn’t push drugs like a lot of doctors do now. He give you options and allows you to decide which of the paths will be right for you. Plus as a bonus, I now don’t dread going to the doctor!! He makes each visit welcoming and inviting.

    Chloe M. / Testimonial from