Rejuvenation Medical offers laser medical esthetics, full-service family medical services, and other medical esthetics.  We want you to look and feel beautiful inside and out and have the skills and tools to get you there.  With the best, most modern body sculpting technologies from Cynosure Hologic, we can reduce body fat in treated areas by 25% in just two sessions!  With the Icon laser platform, and 4 separate laser heads we can do everything from hair removal to stretch marks and scar amelioration to removing pigmented lesions (“birthmarks”, “age spots”, moles, nevi, etc).  We can eliminate spider veins in a single treatment that is literally at the speed of light.

There are a lot of “medical spas” out there, ready to “zap you” without even a careful consultation.  At Rejuv you will be fully evaluated by an advanced practitioner and screened carefully.  We will ensure your needs and medical conditions are taken into account.  We can safely evaluate esthetic, metabolic, and psychosocial issues and maximize the treatments to meet each person’s different individual needs.  The world wants to divide us into neat little compartments with separate esthetics, , health issues, psychological states, diet issues….  But we are each an organic whole and all of these things can work together synergistically to make use feel our best.  So after your laser treatment, feel free to schedule more time with us and we will address it all and make sure the whole you, inside and out, is seen, thought about, and balanced.

What we do not have is the complex, insurance driven, medical practice, with “back office billers” and other non-clinical staff raising the cost of treatments. Everyone you meet at Rejuv is there to treat you.  We have transparent cash pricing for all services, esthetic or medical. We can make secondary insurance claims under some circumstance, but keep the focus on the patient, not the insurance industry.

Meet our team

Joshua B. Kretchmar

Dr. Kretchmar’s interest and belief in the whole patient extends beyond the boundaries of Rejuvenation Medical.   He keeps active and trained in both Family and  Emergency medicine and volunteers in underserved/rural areas, as well as in disasters around the world. He believes all people, everywhere, have a right to medical care and significant amounts of the proceeds from Rejuvenation will be set aside every year for medical mission trips to disaster zones.




I am so excited about having gone through with the SculpSure procedure on my stomach! Dr. Miller and his staff were so phenomenal. I will admit, I was super nervous. I read about it hurting, but I felt no pain whatsoever. My before and afters are astounding to me and I just cannot believe I finally got rid of that damn stubborn belly fat!

Female Patient / Testimonial from RealSelf.com

I had the SculpSure procedure done back in September as a surprise from my wife. Other than some minor heat at the beginning, the
treatment was pretty comfortable and quick. Slightly tender in the area the day after the treatment, but not bad, only felt like I had
worked out the day before. Didn’t really notice any difference for a week or two, but they said I would start noticing around six weeks.
At the third or fourth week out, I had to tighten up my belt. Around the sixth-week people started taking notice. I told the staff that they
need to tell people to budget for new clothes as part of the treatment cost, because I had to throw out my larges and buy all mediums.

Male Patient / Testimonial from RealSelf.com