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Medical Weight Loss

At Rejuvenation Medical, weoffer a personalized plan to help you reach your weight loss goals. We provide long-term weight loss and weight maintenance planning.  Weight loss (and gain) is a multi-factor process that requires patience, support and commitment.

Each of us has different habits and different lifestyles that require a different answer/plan. We provide proven customized solutions to each one of our patients. During the process, Rejuvenation Medical will also look at several factors to make sure you are on a successful weight loss journey:

– Medication:   Sometimes medication is appropriate to kick-start a weight-loss process.  If medication is needed, we will prescribe it for you.

– Changes:  Lifelong dietary changes (not “diets”) and exercise have to be necessary components of any weight loss program; a diet which you cannot follow is no diet at all.  When appropriate we will refer you to a dietician/lifestyle coach that will work with your particular dietary choices, and come up with a realistic plan.

– Diagnosis:  We will identify any medical or health issues (e.g., hormone imbalances, chronic inflammation, sleep deprivation, shift work) contributing to your weight gain, and help you correct them

– Support: We consider the whole picture.  Most of us have significant others that need to be involved, and you need a professional that can talk to them and help them understand how to help you.

Let Rejuvenation Medical help you get on, or back on, the road to a healthier you.

medical weight loss
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Joshua B. Kretchmar

Dr. Kretchmar’s interest and belief in the whole patient extends beyond the boundaries of Rejuvenation Medical.   He keeps active and trained in both Family and  Emergency medicine and volunteers in underserved/rural areas, as well as in disasters around the world. He believes all people, everywhere, have a right to medical care and significant amounts of the proceeds from Rejuvenation will be set aside every year for medical mission trips to disaster zones.

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