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Post-Acute Care

Rejuvenation Medical has a small dedicated team of physicians and ARNPs that support skilled nursing facilities and adult family homes in the area, with medical directorships, and daily to weekly nursing home visits.

We are a patient-centered company that reduces re-hospitalizations by working with patients, nursing, and DPOAs to reduce disease burden. We consistently improve our patient’s diabetic control, hypertension, and chronic disease outcomes while forming a close synergistic relationship with the nursing teams. Each individual provider on our team is more than capable of doing chronic disease, pain, and acute change of condition management. We are available 24/7 to reduce return to acute re-hospitalizations, and/or perform warm handoffs when transfer is necessary and unavoidable.

Rejuvenation Medical also has a board certified psychiatric provider. When the difficult and complex decision to provide psychotropic medication is required, we do it in accordance with CMS guidelines ensuring correct diagnoses, documentation, and reporting requirements.

We understand in very real terms the issues the patients and staff at skilled nursing facilities face including the need for documentation compliance and a host of regulatory requirements. As medical director, my team and I actively participate in QAPI, Infectious disease, we understand DOH requirements, McGreers Criteria, Psychotropic/ Behavior, and Nutrition at Risk committees. We work closely with Physical Therapy, Dietary, and your pharmacists to keep costs low, compliance high, and most importantly from our perspective, we make patients happier and improve their quality of life.

We offer stability. You will work with the same providers on a regular basis, and we have NO clinician turn-over.

Family Doctor

Post-Acute Care for All: The Comprehensive Solution for Your Recovery Needs

We offer the same services to Adult Family Homes/Assisted Living Facilities, for bed bound patients and others unable to come to our office on a limited basis including domiciliary visits if needed for select cases along with chronic disease management.

If you are looking for medical support we are looking to partner with a limited number of facilities and clients. Please reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss your needs.


Joshua B. Kretchmar
DO, Ph.D.

Dr. Kretchmar’s interest and belief in the whole patient extends beyond the boundaries of Rejuvenation Medical. He keeps active and trained in both Family and Emergency medicine and volunteers in underserved/rural areas and disasters worldwide. He believes all people, everywhere, have a right to medical care. 

dr kretchmar



    “Had one of the best experiences in this clinical office. The two people that greeted me where so helpful and kind they truly made the doctors visit very warming. Dr. Josh is by far the best, never had I been seen by a doctor who is on the same level as me. He made it very easy for me to talk about my personal concerns as well as he kept it comfortable by cracking a few jokes here and there. Such a wonderful visit. Thank you all again. I highly recommend this clinical office to any and everyone.”

    Matthew F. / Google

    “By far the best doctor and clinic I have ever been to. Dr. Josh took time to answer every question I had and explain my treatment plan. He treated me like a person and seemed to genuinely care. I called after hours and the nurse, Mary, answered the phone after hours on a Friday evening. Always able to get in quickly when needed. I’ve never had such a caring team to handle my medical care.”

    Theresa H. / Google